So you may be thinking about securing your commercial or residential premises but you are not wanting a Roller Shutter, we can offer you an alternative!


What is the difference between Insurance & Non-Insurance Rated?

CX1- Non-Insurance Rated:

The CX1 is best for those premises that do not require any certification for the Retractable Gates. The CX1 provides a strong barrier which is used to with stand force if someone is trying to gain access into your property. They are used for protecting windows and doors. These can be used on both commercial and residential properties.

CX2 – Insurance Rated:

The CX2 is best for those who do require certification, this proved that is has been certified for all domestic and commercial properties, the only difference between this and the CX1 is that the CX2 has a LPS 1175 Security Rating 1 and is a Police Preferred Specifaction for all properties. We recommend the CX2 if an insurance grille is required. Fitting a CX2 grille may also reduce your insurance premiums.

Single or Double Stack

This will depend upon the size of the Retractable Gates you require.

Installation Time

From placing an order we normally say around 7-14 working days, The fitting of the gates is very quick and simple giving your premises added security in no time.

Does it actually work as a deterrent? 

Below you will find a picture. In the picture it shows you that the retractable gate has suffered some damaged from someone trying to gain entrance into a property, as you can also see they did not succeed. Although there was some damage to the gate itself this does prove that the gate carries out its purpose. We kept the gate as a reminder to show this in our Showroom.

Optional Extras

All retractable gates can have the option of lift up, removable or swivel track, the gates can also be in a colour if required. We would require a RAL number for the colour of your gates. Retractable Gates come as standard in a White finish.

*Please note that these are at an additional cost*