So here at 1st Choice Roller Shutter Services Ltd we want to help Macmillan Cancer Support. So we thought how can we help as a business? Well after doing our coffee morning last year which was a great success we have decided this year to collect our postage stamps.

Who would have thought something so little could help in a big way?For every kilo of stamps collected Macmillan can receive as much as £9.00 towards all cancer treatments and support groups for family members.

As well as helping Macmillan we are also helping another charity called Against Breast Cancer, we have saved a lot of our printer toners and ink cartridges for both printers and franking machines for a long time. So rather than disregarding them in the bin we thought why not send them to charity?

So remember dont just throw your old postage stamps and printer/franking ink cartridges away!