Why is it important?

A service makes sure that all your shutters parts and components are safe and secure. Regular servicing can prolong the lifespan of your doors although this is not something we can guarantee as a company. We can only guarantee the workmanship of our engineers not the work of another company.

What does a service entail?

When our qualified engineers carry out a service on your roller shutters they will check the following:

  • Check that all endlocks are secure and intact
  • Check that there is no lateral movement in the shutter curtain
  • Check that the bottom rail is secure
  • Check that the guides are securely fixed and guide aperture is sufficient
  • Thoroughly remove any existing grease and dirt from the shutter, then lightly grease the guides
  • Check that the brackets are fixed secure and intact
  • Remove the hood if possible to gain access to the working mechanisms
  • Check that the case fixings are secure and intact
  • Check the top and bottom limits on Electric Roller Shutters and adjust if necessary
  • Check all the locking mechanisms
  • Check the roller shutter operator (remote handset, key switch, push button, etc.)

How much is a service?

Prices for a service depends on what type of Roller Shutter you have, whether it is Electric, Manual, 3-Phase or Chain Operated. It also depends on how many shutters you have on your premises and where your company is located in the UK.

Will I get a reminder of when my service is due?

We make sure to remind you when a service is due on your roller shutters. We normally contact you via email, phone or post. This depends on which method suits you best.

Will I receive anything for my records?

Once a service has been completed we will send you a service certificate to keep for your records.

Will I be told about any advisories?

If your shutter is in need of further works we would make sure that you receive an advisory note with your shutter certificate. This will indicate what further work needs to be carried out to your roller shutters. We will always quote before any works are carried out at your premises.

How many times should I have a service?

Depending on how much your shutter is used will depend how often you should have a service. As a company we generally say that all Electric Roller Shutters should be serviced at least once a year. If the shutter is constantly up and down throughout the day we would advise every 6 months.