Application guide – Extruded aluminium see-through glaze security shutters. Specially designed to provide the see-through protection demanded by many local authorities for high street and modern shopping centres.

Suitable for internal or external applications the combination of solid and punched slats achieve optimum strength while delivering over 60% vision. Optional 2mm polycarbonate inserts further enhance security on external installations.

Additional uses include bar-kiosk and domestic applications where permanent vision is required- stock colours are white and brown. Other colours are available from the BS/RAL colour range but this is an additional cost.

Comes as standard with:

  • Tubular Motor
  • Motor Limit Switch Collar
  • Motor Drive Wheel
  • Shaft bolt
  • Bearing Plate
  • Axle
  • Vision Lath
  • Box Top, Box Bottom
  • Box Ends
  • Guide Rail
  • Cover Cap
  • Solid Lath, 2mm Polycarbonate Inserts
  • Bottom Slats with Rubber Seal
  • End Locks
  • Locking Spring
  • Box End Locating Lug